How To Find The Best Crab For Your Meals


If you have a great appetency to crab and would want to buy them, you know you are not alone - many people love eating crab. And especially the sea crab. It is exceptionally tasty, not to mention its nutritional value. It is simply a wholesome meat product.

There are many crab sellers these days - you can get them from supermarkets, fishmongers, and seafood dedicated outlets, and from the seafood harvesters themselves; that is if you are not far from the sea.

Supermarkets have fish counters or sections in the chiller departments. You can ask for assistance, and the supermarket attendant will show you. They are fresh and well stored. And free from contamination. You see, these chillers are special preservation chambers that operate more like a freezer. Preservation is key when it comes to seafood. They deteriorate as soon as they are killed and when not handled appropriately, they lose the value and become useless. That is why you need a reliable crab seller that will give you fresh delicacies. Discover more facts about crabs at

If you choose to buy from a fishmonger, you need to go for those that are still alive and fresh - preferably the ones that are still flapping. When buying your sweet crabs, a good way to tell if they are still fresh is to press them with your fingers; they need to spring back and not leave your fingerprints on it. They should smell like the sea, and slightly of ozone, go here!

Supermarkets have a special way of preserving fish for long. They have machines that create the best conditions to keep the dead crab fresh for long. This equipment pump air in certain ratios and at the same time provide the right temperatures that will let the crab stay safe for long. But when such containers are opened, the crab begins to deteriorate.

It is also important that you find out the origin of the crab that you want to buy. It should not be a difficult thing to give you the source. You need not buy the crab that has been preserved in ice - it is an old method, and it would not give you the sumptuous meals that you need. If you find some yellowing on it, then that is an indication that the fish has started to go bad.

What is more, you need to observe for the clarity and brightness on your crab. They should be shiny and slippery. When you feel it, they need to be firm and not floppy. Be sure you are purchasing something that you will enjoy.

You may also choose to buy your crab through the internet at There are many seafood dealers on the internet these days; all that you need to do is to find a credible shop, make your orders and they will be sending them to where you are, soon enough.