How to Purchase Crabs


Crabs are delicious when cooked properly. If you have never tasted a crab, you better try to taste this delicacy. Therefore, you can buy a portion of food from the restaurants that you just eat, or you buy the prepared meat to cook for yourself. It is expensive to eat crabs in a restaurant if you have a more prominent family hence most of the people consider to buy crabs prepare them and cook them for their family. You can also learn how to cook if you know nothing about it since the internet has many recipes than you could ever know. However, you should know how to purchase the crabs.

You should decide which gender of the crabs. Every type of a crab has a female and male. Females are tasty when eaten but to allow them to reproduce it is recommended to eat less of them and concentrate on eating males. Males have much crab meat than the females, and they are not limited to how many can be harvested. Therefore, select the gender of the crabs of which if you consider females you might lack them sometimes.

You should find the right size for the crabs you want to purchase. There are small sized, medium-sized and the large-sized crabs. It all depends on your preference. However, the enormous crabs are termed to have much meat compared to other categories. They are termed as easy to pick and prepare compared to the small ones. It will depend on how many people will be served with the dish and how you find the picking and preparation time. But, if you want to get some females then you better select the small ones since they are mixed with females. Read more facts about crabs at

You should estimate the quantity of the crabs from Crab Dynasty you need. It will depend on how you will be eating the crabs, how many servings and how many times it will be consumed. If someone stays alone, then the quantity is smaller compared to a couple which has a bunch of kids. They are sold in batches, so there is not much of thinking since it is like buying any other meat.

You should consider buying a massive crab. It is mature and has much meat. For you to differentiate a heavy crab from others, you should press the back of the shell with your thumb if it does not crack then you have a heavy crab.

You should consider buying a crab which is alive. It does not spoil faster like that fresh meat of a dead crab.